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~*Kat and Tiffs Place*~

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Whatchu wanna know?

The Quote Book dun dun dun
Random Quotes from mostly drunken times...

This has been revised to being the "Best of..." quote book.... Mostly because it is now 9 pages and counting, and we really do not have room for all of that.

"Mike icky poo-poo" - Everyone to Daddy #3

"Purple scrunchie..with batteries!" _Tiff
"You cant avoid telling your boyfriend you cheated on him because its raining! -Tiff to Kat
"Thats not a mirror, thats a butt!" -Kat(Rob)
"Dont burp your horn!" Dave #2
"I get handicap!"-Kat
"Hey, got a chair" -Rob, Damien, Tiff
"Is it bad that the only liquid in our fridge has tequila mixed with it??" -Kat
"I-ron...I-roc! I-raq?...I-Ran!!"-Kat
"This is a good rape song!!" - Kat and Tiff

"..But I wanna ride a cowboy!"-Jess ---->"Im a carpenter, does that count"
"Ive never experienced it from a girl!"-Rob
"Everytime I do coke it gets in my nose" - Damien
"Youuuuu Ma......Schaaaa..Loweyyyy!" kat and Tiff
"We're gonna have to walk around the bar lookin for chicks with rings!" -Kat  and Tiff
" I was talking ... 2 once...head, blonde.....waowwwww! - Tiff
"Have you ever been to jail?" -Rick
"You only have enough to tape up 11 pictures and one of thems of your ass!!!" -Tiff to Kat
" Geeze, this songs making me feel like I need to make out with myself!" -Kat

Ok so we have an obsession...

Once upon a time...

Ok so there really is no story (disappointing i know...) but this spot needed to be filled with will have something amusing at some point...


Kat Vs. Tiff

Kat- Read below heh...*Refer to Edward Norton Page
Tiff- American History X (anything with Edward Norton)

Kat- Nicole Richie
Tiff- Paris Hilton* Refer to Paris and Nicole page*

Tiff-TEQUILA (refer to Tequila page for more info *lol*)
Kat- Do it like this -Jae Hood
Tiff- Total Eclipse of the Heart- Oldschool the movie version *lol*



These are the appropriate times to say "UGHHHH"