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~*Kat and Tiffs Place*~

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We have FINALLY put up some new pics on the Chiclet page...So go check them out NOW! or else...

P.S   Appologies to all of our dedicated fans for waiting so long for these...we know the excitment has been building.

P.P.S Shout Out to our good friend DJ Winn for letting us borrow his Digi Cam :)


Hola! (pronounced 'Oh-Lah')
Thank you for visiting our cool site...Here you will find out lots of stuff that you may or may not know or even want to know about us *lol* We are quite silly, but together "We make up one super person" *haha* Anyways, Browse around and leave us a Lil somethin somethin in the book...

Please note that by entering our site we now OWN YOUR SOUL...Muwhahahahahahahahaha  if you want it back you will have to pay us..a sum of $1000...(sorry...we're both in debt to the visa gods...)

However, If you are unable to pay us for your soul, We will be gracious enough to offer another option...COOKIES! But there is a catch..We only accept Cookie deals after 2am on Mondays..(its pretty high profile around here, we dont want anyone knowing about the dealings.)  If you come any other time you may be shot...sorry.

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What's New?


09/11/04 - Tiff and Kat site is BORN

16/11/04 - Music added to most of the pages and a few minor details changed


     F         L           O           O           R           !

These are the appropriate times to say "UGHHHH"