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~*Kat and Tiffs Place*~

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Word Up


Here you can 'gangsterfy' yourselves by learning some of the greatest common sayings that we use in our everyday lives.

People wont talk to you? Your friends call you "the boring one in the bunch"? Not anymore. 
 If you use any of these sayings you will automatically become the "cool one" in the group.  Yes you can thank us later...with cookies..lots and lots of cookies! (at 2 am on Mondays)...DO NOT FORGET THIS or we will take your coolness away!
We will start with The infamous "SKEET SKEET!" which can also be used in phrases such as "AHH SKEET SKEET GADAMN" or "STICKY SKEET SKEET SKEET SKEET" such a funny word to say...We are also making a list of songs with "Skeet" in it to see how many there really are.  We know the anticipation of this is killing you, dont worry this will be posted soon.

*Moving on...

"Whatchu think I live on a farm, Bitch be fo real! Ugggghhhhhh" We are now bringing back Master P from the "rap dead" ...even tho he wont ever have any good songs again, "Ughhhh"is a really fun noise to make..if your really brave try it and point your hand in the air as you do it..its super Gangster like...

Then theres the Paris and Nicole sayings that we've copped...

These include:
"Thats Hot" which can only be said when something is really nasty.  Example: old man in overalls smelling like rotten cow shit.
That is Hot

"Loves it" its just so much funner to say than I love it..thats far too white for us. Thank god for Paris and Nicole saving our Gangster asses.

Moving on...

Others that are fun to say are :
" the max" example: "We love cream of brocolli the max!"


"In theory"..Example: "I wont pass out at 11 again if I take another theory" (famous quote by Kat)  lol
Our newest funny thing to say would have to be "Waaaaaaaaaow" (Wow but really drawn out and nasal like) Haha its one of those words that you dont realize you say very often until you start making fun of the word and then you realize that you actuelly say it ALOT! hahah try it

Our newest saying came about during a random game of pool...And this one is only for the very sneaky people ;);)
Whenever you do something very "fluky" than you just say "its all part of the plan" and for those real brave ones out there you can tap your head with your finger for an added "in your face" touch...mmm hmmm thats all for now...Checker back...Its the cool thing to do! kinda like drugs lol





These are the appropriate times to say "UGHHHH"