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These are just some cheerleading poems from the net and that our team made up.  Enjoy!:)


The Contest-Author Unknown(This is my Favorite)

The contest lasts for moments,
Though the trainings taken years,
It wasn't the winning alone that was,
Worth all the work and the tears.
The applause will be forgotten,
The prize will be misplaced,
But the long hard hours of practice,
Will never be a waste.
For in trying to win you build a skill,
You learn that winning depends on will.
You never grow by how much you win,
You only grow by how much you put in.
So any new challange you've just begun,
Put forth your best effort and you've already won.

Football Poem(Tiffany and Katrina wrote this before the we cheered the first football game last year and read it to our team to sort of give the "rookies" an idea of what to expect*hehe*)

The crowd may seem like they dont even care,
Because all they do is just sit and stare.

Try your best to keep up your spirit,

Cheer loud, Cheer proud, Make them hear it!

Soon enough, they'll catch on,
get in their face, make them cheer along.

We are cheerleaders, It's our duty
To make the crowd have fun, And shake our BOOTY!

This is the poem that Amanda, Tiffany and Katrina read to our team for our first competition last year.

"The time has come once again
To show what we can do
To work together as a team
Not just one or two.
Together we can do anything our hearts desire.
You know we have done it even though we are tired.
So let's look to one another for comfort and cheer
Let's lean on each other as we cry our tears.
Because together we have a goal that we have all set
And that's to be the best team the judges have seen yet.
So let's go out on that floor as a winning team
Let's do what we do best and make that crowd scream.
Because together we can do it.
Together we can.
Together we can be the best team in the land."


Brown read this poem at the first of this year:

Good Enough is Never Enough
Please beware of "good enough",
It isn't made of sterling stuff,
It is something that anyone can do,
It marks the many from the few.
The flaw which may escape the eye,
May cause a great team to just "get by",
With "good enough" a team dream breaks down,
And we fall short of high renown.
With "good enough" the failures rest,
And win are the ones was consistently give their best,
Who stops at "good enough" shall find,
Success had left them far behind.