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Cheerleader Constitution
Team Priorities:
To promote and uphold team spirit, to develop good sportsmanship by example, to develop good relations within the squad and to experience success in achieving individual and team goals.

Team Rules:
1. Cheerleaders are expected to uphold their responsibility to the team. This means not becoming involved in any activity that puts the team at a disadvantage or hinders the teams's progress. Different situations may arise, varying in severity. Each cheerleader will be working on a demerit point basis in regards to upholding their responsibility to the team. Some examples include:
a) Late for practice/ leave early (-5pts.)
b) Absent from practice (-2pts.)
c) School suspension (-5pts)
d) Academic eligibility suspention (-5pts.)
e) Academic eligibility committee appearance (-2pts)
f) Ect.

Any cheerleader who reaches 7 demerit points will be automatically sidelined and will lose their position in the competitive routine for a period of 1 week.
Cheerleaders who reach 10 points are declared team spares or are cut from the coheisiveness. This team rule is devised to encourage that. Some situations that arise will not be "cut and dry" and will be dealt with on an individual basis.

2. Cheerleaders are expected to be drug, tobacco, and alcohol free.
3.Cheerleaders are expected to do their best at all games, practices and competitions.
4. Cheerleaders are expected to follow safety regulations and stunt progressions.
5. Never perform a stunt without a coach present and without a coach's premission.
6. Cheerleaders are expected to make their academics a top priority.
7.Cheerleaders are not permitted to chew gum at practice.
8. Cheerleaders are not premitted to wear jewelry at any time during practice, games or competition.
9. Cheerleaders should keet uniforms spotless at all times.
10. Cheerleaders must wear dress clothing on away competitions.
11. Cheerleaders are expected to uphold the team reputation through their conduct and sportsmanship.
12. Cheerleaders will make every effort to ignore or dissuade nagative responses at events and not become involved in such actions themselves.
13. Always respect your coaches and fellow teammates.