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     Jamaica lies 480 miles south of Florida and is the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea.  Arawak Indians were the first persons to live in Jamaica and they named it "Xaymaca"(meaning land of wood and water).  
     Jamaica was a British colony for about 300 years, until 1962.  Today, it is an independant nation withen the Commonwealth of Nations.  Kingston is the capital, largest city and cheif port of Jamaica.

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Quick Facts

Language spoken:  English
Capital:  Kingston
Area:  10,990 squared km
Population:  2, 628, 000
                   239 per km squared
Flag:  A gold diagonal cross with black triangular side panels and green triangular panels at top and bottom.  The gold stands for sunlight and mineral wealth, the black for hardships in the past and future, and the green for hope and agricultural wealth.
(Fetzer, Scott)